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A simple API to manage simple ODRL2.0 expressions
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odrlmodel.Permission Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for odrlmodel.Permission:
odrlmodel.Rule odrlmodel.MetadataObject

Public Member Functions

 Permission ()
 Permission (String _uri)
void setDuty (Duty duty)
void setDuties (List< Duty > _duties)
List< DutygetDuties ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from odrlmodel.Rule
 Rule ()
 Rule (String _uri)
int getKindOfRule ()
void setKindOfRule (int _ikind)
List< ActiongetActions ()
void setActions (List< Action > _actions)
List< ConstraintgetConstraints ()
void setConstraints (List< Constraint > _constraints)
void addAction (Action a)
void addConstraint (Constraint a)
void setAssignee (Party _assignee)
Party getAssignee ()
void setAssigner (Party _assigner)
Party getAssigner ()
String toString ()
void setTarget (String target1)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from odrlmodel.Rule
List< Actionactions = new ArrayList()
List< Constraintconstraints = new ArrayList()
String target =""
- Static Public Attributes inherited from odrlmodel.Rule
static final int RULE_PERMISSION = 0
static final int RULE_PROHIBITION = 1
static final int RULE_DUTY = 2
- Protected Member Functions inherited from odrlmodel.Rule
String getKindOfRuleString ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from odrlmodel.Rule
Party assignee =null
Party assigner = null

Detailed Description

The Permission entity indicates the Actions that the assignee is permitted to perform on the associated Asset. In other words, what the assigner (supplier) has granted to the assignee (consumer).

An ODRL policy expression MAY contain at least one Permission. It is important to verify the semantics of the Policy type attribute as this MAY indicate additional constraints on the Policy expression structure.

If several Permission entities are referred to by a Policy, then all of them are valid.

Victor Rodriguez Doncel at OEG-UPM 2014

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odrlmodel.Permission.Permission ( )

Permission constructor Permission are by default anonymous

odrlmodel.Permission.Permission ( String  _uri)

Creates a permission identified by the given URI.

_uriURI of the prohibition

Member Function Documentation

List<Duty> odrlmodel.Permission.getDuties ( )

Sets the duties associated to this permission

List of duties
void odrlmodel.Permission.setDuties ( List< Duty _duties)

Sets the duties associated to this permission

_dutiesList of duties to be retrieved
void odrlmodel.Permission.setDuty ( Duty  duty)

Sets a single duty associated to this permission

dutyDuty to be retrieved

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