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odrlmodel.Action Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Action ()
 Action (Action a)
 Action (String _uri)

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Detailed Description

This class represents an ODRL Action.

The Action entity (when related to a Permission entity) indicates the operations (e.g. play, copy, etc.) that the assignee (i.e. the consumer) is permitted to perform on the related Asset linked to by Permission.

When related to a Prohibition, the Action entity indicates the operations that the assignee (again the consumer) is prohibited to perform on the Asset linked to by Prohibition. Analogously, when related to a Duty, it indicates the operation to be performed. Action contains the following attribute: name: indicates the Action entity term (REQUIRED) As its value, the name attribute MAY take one of a set of Action names which are formally defined in profiles.

The ODRL Common Vocabulary defines a standard set of potential terms that MAY be used. For example:

Communities will develop new (or extend existing) profiles to capture additional and refined semantics.

Victor Rodriguez Doncel at OEG-UPM 2014

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

odrlmodel.Action.Action ( )

Action constructor with a random URI in the default namespace. By default, an action will be like this: http://salonica.dia.fi.upm.es/ldr/action/2e7de960-7001-4c07-bde5-c5ad1f35133d

odrlmodel.Action.Action ( Action  a)

Cloner constructor

odrlmodel.Action.Action ( String  _uri)

Creates an action identified by the given URI. This Action might be one of those defined by ODRL, in which case label, comment, and seeAlso are loaded from the ODRL ontology

_uriURI of the action

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